My name is Peter Schoffhauzer. I'm 21 years old, I live in Budapest where I study English and IT at ELTE University. In my freetime, I have been producing electronic music since I was 14. At the beginning, back in the tracker age, I was trying to make some hardcore gabber music, which effort was very productive. Later on I got influenced by techno, house and acid, which probably based my interest for goa sounds. My first encounter with the goa scene was in 2000, when Danger (now at Procyon records) took me to a goa party.

From this time, I started collecting goa music and at the same time creating goa sounds, which I still do today. One of my very first tracks, titled 'Light of God' was released on a compilation named Psytrance of Hungary by FREEE, a Hungarian dance magazine.

Psytrance of Hungary

Later on I had some opportunutities to play at different parties. The first time was in Kashmir, where Hruscsov was organizing goaparties with previously not known Dj's and Live acts. This was followed by other parties, in Kultiplex, Tunnel (Erd), another gig at Kultiplex at Live Act Night, and an other one in Kashmir.

In July 2005 Coral was released on a NANO Records compilation. Hopefully this is just a beginning of a story. Currently I am working on new tracks and looking for more labels to release my music. Meanwhile I am starting to get equpment for a live set. I also started DSP programming, because I'd like to discover new sounds, new effects and new tricks. As a result of this, some of my tracks actually include sounds from my own plugins coded in C++.

Some greetings go out to:
  • the whole goa.hu crew || Danee and nuon @ Cosmicord || Regan @ NANO || emx & Ivan @ Quantum State || danger @ Procyon rec. || tranceport.org || James Baud || Oleg || det0 || Vacyd || and others whom I didn't mention...